Vote split on new city software – Sheridan Media – About Your Online Magazine

The Sheridan City Council approved a new software system for the city, but the vote was split by 4 to 2 after an unsuccessful effort to postpone the decision.

The action came at the board meeting earlier this week. The vote was split over a liability issue, with Councilor Jacob Martin expressing the issue.

Martin originally proposed the subject matter pending a report to the Council by City Attorney Brendon Kerns on the issue of liability. This move failed for a second.

The city’s treasurer, Karen Burtis, said she believed there was a clause in the contract regarding the recovery, but she did not remember the details. The Board approved the purchase with the exception that Kerns informed the Board about the liability.

The MUNIS ERP software will be provided by Tyler Technologies, and Burtis said the recurring fees will be just over $ 139,000 a year.

The Council approved the contract for five years.

In addition, Burtis said, the city will pay a one-time fee of about $ 315,000 to cover initial costs, including implementation, data conversations, some training and some equipment costs.

In a memo to the Council, Burtis said the purchase of software from Tyler Technologies was recommended by city officials based on two years of research by companies that provide ready-to-use ERP software systems designed specifically for governments. She said that Tyler Technologies had the highest rating. The company has existed for more than 50 years and six local governments in Wyoming use the MUNIS system.

Burtis said he spoke to the city of Gillette, which has had MUNIS for several years, and said he is very happy with the system.

Paula Fonseca