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Anne Bean will never forget the day when her late husband, Jim Borngesser, was diagnosed with cancer. He went to have a hernia surgery, and the doctor broke the news that they were not expecting.

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“The doctor came and said it is not a hernia,” said Anne Bean.

It turns out that her husband had an extremely rare form of cancer, appendix cancer. Their children were only 12, 14 and 16 at the time.

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“It was difficult for the children, but the children also learned a lot. They learned generosity from strangers, ”said Bean.

Strangers and friends helped pay the expenses they pay while traveling out of the state for treatment. The specialist they found was in New York, more than a thousand miles from his home in St. Johns County.

“We probably had more than half a million dollars in expenses,” recalled Bean.

After a four-year battle with cancer, Borngesser passed away in 2017, just days after his 51st birthday.

“He said, ‘You know, I’m sad because I’m not going to take my daughter to the altar. I’m sad that I didn’t see one of my kids graduate from high school, but the part that really makes me frustrated and really sad is that I don’t have a legacy, ”” Bean recalled. “’I think my legacy, I wanted to give back to people. I wanted to do things for people. I wanted to, you know, take care of people. ‘And he felt cheated, that he didn’t have the opportunity to do that. “

To continue her legacy, she and her sister started The Dream Big! Foundation.

“When our kids went to school every day, he passed on the message I love you. Have a great day and dream big! He said that to them every day, ”said Bean.

Printing your handwritten words on T-shirts, his motto traveled around the world, from Hawaii to Africa, raising money from selling T-shirts to help patients who need to travel for cancer treatments.

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“Traveling doesn’t have to be very far,” said Bean. “We helped a police officer in Green Cove Springs who had a son who was being treated in Nemours.”

She is helping to repay in honor of her late husband, who ran out of time.

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“I think he would be very proud,” said Bean. “I think he would be proud of the fact that it is happening and that his legacy is living on who he is”

The Dream Big! The Foundation is conducting a large fundraiser. The Dream Big! Backyard Bash will be at Pavilhão Hope, on Ponte Vedra Beach, from 7:30 pm. at 10:30 pm on April 16, 2021. The open-air concert will feature The Rivertown Band, food trucks and a beer truck. Tickets are available connected for $ 25. Bean says the money raised will go to cancer patients who need to travel for treatment.

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