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Izwe Savings and Loans CEO Raymond Bismarck Izwe Savings and Loans CEO Raymond Bismarck

Over the years, many brilliant students have struggled to finance their higher education in the country, with most of them having to drop out sometimes in the middle of their studies.

This is due to economic difficulties and the parents’ inability, at times, to raise sufficient resources to finance the education of their pupils.
It was for this reason that IZWE Savings and Loans introduced the “IZWE Public Sector Higher Education Scholarship Fund”, to support brilliant but needy students in the country.

The scholarship program has so far financed the higher education of 31 students at various universities in the country, with 23 of them successfully completing their program of studies, while eight have not yet been completed.

Izwe Savings and Loans CEO, Mr. Raymond Bismarck, said: “What we decided to do as a way of giving back to society was to institute a scholarship program for civil servants who were brilliant but could not afford higher education Education .

We realized that one of the reasons why many civil servants borrowed or saved was to pay for their children’s higher education, so we decided to sponsor some of them every year, ”he added.

The scholarship offers fees for academic users and textbooks for approved courses. To qualify, an applicant must have an aggregate degree of 10, be 22 years of age or younger, and be under the tutelage of a public official who genuinely cannot pay the fees.

In an interview, one of the beneficiaries who was part of the first batch of selected students, Mr. Bismark Kubah, who completed higher education at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), said the scholarship made it possible for him to be who he is now.

“When I finished SHS, I never thought I could go back to school. My parents didn’t have a clear plan as to whether or not I would go to school, so I was trying to raise the money to go back to school when I got the scholarship and it really helped me. “

Mr. Kubah, who now has an MA in Economics, has just been appointed Director of Research and Policy for the Ghanaian Mines Workers Union.

Mr. Moses Yeboah Addo, who is currently studying pharmacy at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), said the scholarship program has been of great help to him.

“I am always motivated to do my best to continue to benefit from the scholarship,” he said.

For Izwe, the plan is to maintain the scholarship program and even expand it to include more students in the future.

Despite being known for providing loans to civil servants, Izwe Savings and Loans also has a diversified portfolio of products and services for companies and salaried workers.

The company, however, believes that the scholarship program enables young people to have a positive impact on society. As a result, the administration plans to keep this program going on an annual basis and hopes to support the next batch of students in 2022.

The next batch of applications will be announced soon with more details on its Facebook page (izweghltd), as well as selected national newspapers.

Paula Fonseca