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A Davie man accused of participating in the insurrection in the country’s capital does not plan to defend his actions, according to his lawyer.

William Rogan Reid, 36, admits to illegally entering the Capitol building on January 6 along with hundreds of others.

“He was there, he entered the capital, and he – I spoke to him – he doesn’t want to claim any potential defense,” said Reid’s lawyer, William Moore. “He won’t deny it. He is behind this, understanding that he will be prosecuted. “

Reid has been in jail since federal agents arrested him at his Davie home last Thursday. The FBI used screenshots and social media posts to link Reid to the Capitol gardens.

Moore says his client was never violent or destructive.

“First of all, Mr. Reid went to DC to protest peacefully, we all know that there are funny things that happen when groups act, there is a whole psychology behind it,” said Moore. “He is very outspoken, he has a strong set of far-right beliefs, there is no doubt about it, but those are his beliefs.

Reid is also charged with aggravated harassment last year in Palm Beach County. The victim, who declined to reveal his identity, told NBC 6 that Reid had harassed and threatened her online for months. But Moore accuses her of harassing other people online and says he urged Reid to attack her.

The state still says Reid is wrong.

“As soon as the state sees exactly what the victim named in the Reid case does and did, I know they will do the right thing and reject it because it is inherently wrong and unfair,” said Moore.

Reid faces a charge of illegal entry, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum prison sentence of six months if he is convicted.

Reid hopes that being honest about his actions will give him the good graces of the court. His next court hearing will be on April 12.

Paula Fonseca