Owensboro hosting state tourneys this month – About Your Online Magazine

April 8 – The baseball and softball fields around Owensboro are set for a busy month ahead.

In addition to high school action in the area, the Kentucky Legend 2A Championships is scheduled for April 23-24, with softball at Kentucky Legend Fields in Jack C. Fisher Park and baseball at Jack Hicks Field in Shifley Park.

Meanwhile, the All ‘A’ Classic will take place April 24-25, with softball at Fisher Park and baseball at Independence Bank Field in Chautauqua Park.

“It will be a big sports weekend in Owensboro,” said Jared Bratcher, director of sports marketing at Visit Owensboro.

Both tournaments were canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so 2021 will be the first year for the 2A championships.

The 2A state title softball game is scheduled for noon on April 24, with the baseball game set for 6 pm. Eight teams will compete in each sport, and schools are vying for a spot in state tournaments.

“We are very excited to provide a platform for our athletes to compete at the highest level among their schools of similar size,” said Jeremy Tackett, president of 2A Championships. “We are looking forward to starting the games.”

According to Bratcher, being able to host state tournaments comes as a result of recently completed upgrades to Fisher Park, as well as the cooperation of local schools.

“It is an honor for Owensboro to host the state softball and baseball championship the same weekend,” said Bratcher. “That wouldn’t be possible without the newly renovated Kentucky Legend Fields. I also want to thank Owensboro High School for allowing us to use their baseball field for our baseball championships.

“While the 2A championships take place, Owensboro is also hosting the state All ‘A’ baseball and softball championships at Kentucky Legend Fields in Jack C. Fisher and at the Owensboro Catholic High School baseball field in Chautauqua Park.”

Owensboro will also host the Kentucky Legend 2A volleyball and football championship later this year. Basketball will take place in January 2022.

Paula Fonseca