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The summer semester began at some schools in Hong Kong today, with some students returning to face-to-face classes. New rules announced by the Education Bureau Last month, two-thirds of students were able to attend face-to-face classes, but some schools say they are ready for more.

One school that welcomed students back in person on Thursday was Lions College in Kwai Chung. More than 500 high school students went to morning classes, with another 120 expected for the afternoon.

“I am very excited to be back. During online classes, there was less chance of talking and learning from my classmates, ”said fourth-year student Daisy Deng Shuyi.

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“I also hope that laboratory sessions can be resumed for biology classes … which I really like. We have not been able to do them during the [past year]. “

The 15-year-old said she is now going back to school for about four days a week for face-to-face sessions, two days before the Easter holiday, as the school was planning to bring back different grades on different days.

Another student, 16-year-old Jackson Wong, said he was looking forward to tracking his learning progress now that he had more days on campus.

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“I can get more help from teachers and colleagues on issues like [maths]”Said Wong. “While learning at home, there can be many distractions, such as [playing with] my phone.”

The school principal was also pleased to have students and teachers back on campus.

“I feel like it’s definitely time to relax the rules. Many students and parents have waited so long for [announcement]”Said Kwok Yui-ham.

Government data on Wednesday showed that about 17 percent, or 190, of about 1,100 primary and secondary schools, as well as 790 of about 1,050 daycare centers, planned or had already brought in all the students part-time now that they they were examining their faculty every fortnight.

Education authorities last month also offered additional incentives, saying teachers who were fully vaccinated would no longer need regular exams after 14 days.

Government incentives, however, have been criticized by some in the school sector, with a number of principles and teachers expressing concern about their viability.

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