Student Senate: Campus vaccination program discussed; Cat’s Cupboard donation drive beginning – About Your Online Magazine

Jenny Hall-Jones, student senate adviser, encouraged students to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine through the university at its meeting on Wednesday, however, Hall-Jones said there were some problems with the distribution of Johnson vaccines. and Johnson.

Vaccine clinics in Heritage Hall they are now open for students to make appointments, with the Pfizer vaccine planned to be administered on Friday and the Johnson and Johnson vaccine planned to be administered on Monday, said Hall-Jones.

“We should get all the Johnson and Johnson vaccines,” said Hall-Jones. “I don’t know if you are watching the national news, but J&J had problems with the distribution.”

In addition, the OU is not yet sure which vaccines it will receive in the following weeks.

“We don’t know yet which vaccines we are going to get at the next two clinics,” said Hall-Jones. “We hope to receive J&J (vaccines) because we are concerned about those of you who will no longer be in Athens.”

Senate members also advocate that all students apply and get the vaccine if they can. In addition to receiving the vaccine, Hall-Jones encouraged students who received the vaccine to register through the Vaccine registration OR, so that the university can monitor how many students received the vaccine and whether there is sufficient collective immunity.

The Senate also discussed the Cat’s Cupboard Food Pantry donation campaign that will take place next week and encouraged students to donate.

“Please help the Student Senate support the Cat’s Cupboard while we run a food campaign during the week of April 12-16,” said Ian Carter II, president of the Senate. “You can physically donate by gathering food locally and sending it in donation boxes to Baker, or virtually making cash donations.”

A presentation on OU enrollments was also made during the meeting, which included the Senate’s plans for recruitment next year. In addition, many of the current Senate officials congratulated individuals who were elected to executive positions in Tuesday.

“Congratulations to our new Senate executives and to everyone … elected to new positions,” said Elizabeth Lilly, vice president of the Senate. “I am incredibly proud of you all, it was a crazy year.”


Paula Fonseca