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The change in electricity and gas prices is just one reason why you should compare energy providers.

According to the Australian Energy Commission, electricity for homes and businesses will be cheaper by 2023 as the new generation capacity enters the grid with 1,667 megawatts of solar energy and 2,580 megawatts of wind.

The annual price assessment projected that energy prices would continue to decline until 2021-2022, with prices eventually lower than they are now. The impacts on prices vary in each state and territory, with a forecast of a drop in network, distribution and measurement costs and an increase in transmission costs.

At the Australian Clean Energy Summit 2018Anne Pearson, CEO of AEMC, highlighted that the energy sources of this generation are becoming cleaner through technological advances. Retailers must face consumer challenges from this transition.

Ms. Pearson explained that “Australian families and businesses are in the midst of these major changes underway and are no longer a passive consumer group. Consumers can now manage and monitor their consumption and will contribute to strengthening the energy system in the future. “

Although AEMC plays a vital role in simplistic solutions for consumers, they need to know that the energy will be there when and where they need it, as it is critical to their lives. With more regulatory laws in place, new technologies help businesses and families to gain confidence and control over their energy consumption, with full transparency on lower tariffs and energy plans from one supplier to another.

Here are three of the significant benefits for companies and families to start comparing providers and plans using GoSwitch to make a move to clean, affordable energy.

  1. More economical plans

Using the GoSwitch electricity price comparison will allow you to compare your electricity and gas provider to find lower rates and a plan best suited to your needs in less than 5 minutes and at no cost. It offers full access to energy companies’ price data and presents it in an easy-to-understand format. Comparing to companies operating in your local area, you will be able to reduce noise and receive a personalized and economical electricity plan for your home or business.

GoSwitch compares the electricity retailer and usage charges, including tariff, single use tariff, usage time, daily supply fee and discounts on solar power to determine the best energy pricing plan. If you are also eligible for a refund on your energy plan, they will make sure to include energy plans with refund options.

  1. Transparent and reliable providers

With deregulation and competition, energy users can now switch energy suppliers and plan when they want. Retailers responded with more attractive reasons to save, such as savings in energy use and electricity packages. Comparing providers with GoSwitch will allow you to guarantee the best plan possible with a trusted provider.

GoSwitch can also help Business compare gas and electricity providers to make an easy and profitable decision. If you are thinking of switching providers, GoSwitch can help you in the process of switching to one of the most reputable energy suppliers.

  1. Planning to change

If you are moving home or office, it is the perfect time to renegotiate your energy deal. GoSwitch will help you compare electricity usage, even if you are moving to an interstate with major energy suppliers like AGL, Energy Australia and Powerdirect.

For small and medium-sized businesses, including those with multiple locations, the energy bill is calculated in the same way as residential billing, so it makes financial sense to renegotiate if you plan to move.

Due to deregulation, energy companies and energy plans have changed due to fierce competition. Price fluctuations are a symptom of a deregulated industry. Although electricity is not cheap, consumer savings can still be found and made in the energy plans of Australia’s leading suppliers. With GoSwitch Compared to electricity, you can find the best electricity deals for your home or small business.

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