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Can these biotechnology stocks be the best ones to invest at the moment?

You can’t deny it biotechnology actions have and continue to receive a lot of attention from investors now. Consequently, this is due to the current pandemic in which biotechnology companies are continually hailed as heroes. In particular, the major manufacturers of coronavirus vaccines in the industry, such as Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) have become household names now. Undoubtedly, investors are probably chasing emerging biotech stocks now in hopes of finding the next big name. For the most part, I don’t blame them. This is because biotechnology stocks are often the more active actions at the stock market even now.

Take Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) and Ocugen (NASDAQ: OCGN) for example. Both companies are emerging names in the coronavirus vaccine market now. Despite not having a vaccine on the market, both seek gains of more than 930% last year. However, big gains also come with big risks. On the one hand, positive updates at any stage of the drug development process can trigger a company’s actions. On the other hand, negative news can have the opposite effect.

Well, as we say here in StockMarket.com, due diligence and proper research can help to optimize your chances in this space. Having read this far, you may be interested in investing in biotechnology stocks yourself. If so, here are four highlighted now.

The best biotech stocks to watch in April

NV Affine

Affimed is a clinical biotechnology company that is committed to giving patients their innate ability to fight cancer. It does this by updating the untapped potential of the innate immune system. The company’s proprietary ROCK platform allows a tumor-driven approach to recognizing and killing a variety of hematological and solid tumors. The platform is versatile as it can be adapted for bispecific innate cell engagements for specific indications. AFMD’s shares are currently trading at $ 9.93 as of 3:18 pm. ET. Today, shares rose more than 23% with the company’s latest press release.

main biotechnology actions to watch today (AFMD stock)Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

In detail, Affimed announced initial positive clinical data from a study sponsored by an investigator. The study assesses natural killer cells derived from cord blood pre-complexed with Affimed’s innate cellular engagement AFM13. All four patients experienced a significant reduction in the disease, with two complete responses and two partial responses. In the study, neither cytokine release syndrome nor neurotoxicity syndrome events were observed.

This ultimately shows encouraging initial data on safety and effectiveness. In addition, these initial results would indicate that AFM13 may have the potential to help natural killer cells target and destroy cancer cells. In view of the immense potential, the company will continue to develop this treatment. With that said, would you consider that AFMD’s actions are worth watching?

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Greenwich Lifesciences Inc.

Greenwich is a clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of its main candidate, GP2. GP2 is an immunotherapy to prevent breast cancer recurrences in patients who have already undergone surgery. GLSI’s shares have risen more than 50% since the beginning of the month and are currently trading at $ 54.24 as of 3:16 pm. ET. Investors appear to be responding to the company’s press release about its GP2 clinical trial.

biotechnology stocks (GLSI stock)Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Basically, the company announced the abstract results of the final 5-year immune response data from its Phase IIb clinical trial. Its GP2 immunotherapy provides a robust immune response to recurrences of metastatic breast cancer. In essence, the potent immune response data supports the previously reported clinical outcome of 0% recurrences of metastatic breast cancer over 5 years of follow-up.

Impressively, the broad-based immune response also suggests that products based on GP2 and Herceptin may have the potential to treat other cancers that express HER2 1-3 +. Time will tell whether Greenwich can take full advantage of this development. Given the exciting developments around the company, would you consider adding GLSI shares to your watch list?

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Moderna Inc.

Moderna is an mRNA vaccine company that has been one of the biggest winners in the biotechnology sector. The company is one of the first in the world to have its coronavirus vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization (USA). Surprisingly, he is not resting on his laurels, as Moderna has been studying the prospects of using its revolutionary mRNA technology to treat cancer as well. MRNA’s shares are currently trading at $ 141.43 as of 3:15 pm. ET and increased more than 300% last year.

main biotechnology actions (MRNA stock)Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Earlier this week, the company highlighted the publication of antibody persistence data up to 6 months after the second dose of its vaccine. The study looked at 33 healthy adult participants in the Phase 1 study of the coronavirus vaccine at 6 months. As detected by three different serological assays, the antibodies produced by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine persisted for 6 months after the second dose. Given this encouraging news, it would help to overcome the global pandemic and increase confidence in Moderna’s vaccine.

The company is also accelerating the production of its vaccine. Last month, she announced that she had sent her 100 millionth dose of coronavirus vaccine to the U.S. government. With these exciting prospects, would you consider adding MRNA shares to your portfolio?

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Celcuity Inc.

At the top of our list today is clinical biotechnology company Celcuity Inc. In summary, the company’s primary focus is on extending the lives of cancer patients. The company pursues this goal through an integrated strategy of diagnosis and therapy of the partner. In particular, Celcuity’s CELsignia diagnostic platform analyzes tumor cells from living patients.

This in turn helps Celcuity to identify new groups of cancer patients who can benefit from targeted therapies. With this business strategy, Celcuity believes that it is uniquely positioned to provide cancer patients with curated cancer therapies. For investors who wish to invest in cancer research, CELC’s actions should be considered. This appears to be the case today, with CELC’s shares posting gains during Friday’s trading above 58%. Currently, CELC shares are trading at $ 20.36 as of 3:15 pm ET.

best biotechnology stocks to buy (CELC stocks)Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

For some context, investors are likely to be reacting to news of Celcuity’s latest collaboration with Pfizer. Namely, the company is now in a global licensing agreement with Pfizer, giving Celcuity the rights to gedatolisib (the drug). Why is it important? Well, the drug is currently in clinical development for the treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer. Thanks to this agreement, Celcuity now has a worldwide license to develop and market gedatolisib. In theory, if Celcuity managed to get the most out of it, I could see CELC’s actions continue to flourish. For that, would you consider investing in CELC shares now?

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