Former SoNo Collection employee charged with credit card fraud – About Your Online Magazine

NORWALK – A 23-year-old man from the city was arrested after he was accused of using someone else’s credit card information to buy a $ 600 gift card, police said.

Norwalk’s Kason Sumpter was taken into custody on Wednesday on a warrant accusing him of credit card fraud, third-degree identity theft and fifth-degree theft in connection with an incident at The SoNo Collection mall in December 2019.

Police said Sumpter, an employee at an unspecified store at the mall, used a customer’s credit card account information to buy a gift card. He then traveled to a mall in Westchester, N.Y, where he used the card to buy items at another store in the same chain.

Investigators sought and obtained an arrest warrant for Sumpter. He was charged with the warrant on Wednesday and had a trial date on May 5, police said.

The victim’s money has been fully refunded. Sumpter was fired from the store and denied access to all other locations in the network, police said.

Paula Fonseca