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Dallas continues to work to obtain information on a number of players who are likely to be called up to tenth place during the 2021 draft. Opposing discussions consider whether it is all a smoke screen to unbalance the media and other teams.

Speaking of recruitment itself, where does each position group line up this year? The year of wide receivers? Cornerbacks? Quarterbacks? Who takes first place with the most available and most athletic players. Furthermore, which team carries the title of summoning the best players in the first round in the last ten years?

With the attack not being the only side of the ball played, could a player like Richard Sherman bring veteran help to the Cowboys after the draft? Advertisements may be coming in to allow certain skill set players to change their shirt numbers to others not normally open in their position. When new players join the team (or even current players), will any shirt numbers be off limits?

Jerry Jones allegedly ‘in love’ with Kyle Pitts :: Pro Football Talk

Link ESPN’s Chris Mortensen dropped a nugget at the Cowboys owner’s significant level of interest from Florida’s tight end perspective. But, as Michael David Smith points to PFT, getting Pitts would likely require negotiating and giving the team a 2022 pick in the first round as part of the deal. It makes you wonder, then, whether Jerry’s passion is genuine enough to pay that price … or just part of a ghostly effort to divert someone else’s attention. -ALSO

Kyle Pitts Plus 6: Tight prospects for Cowboys to consider throughout the draft :: Cowboys Wire

Link Teams looking to add cutting-edge talent, but are not willing to pay Kyle Pitts’s exorbitant price, will have other intriguing options at the end of the draft. Pat Freiermuth of Penn State, Tommy Tremble of Notre Dame and even Tony Poljan of 6 feet and 7 inches from Virginia make interesting considerations. -ALSO

The best case for a draft of Cowboys with lots of defense comes in these 5 pieces of 2020 :: Cowboys Wire

Link Don’t be distracted by the flashy Florida tight end or the big man from Oregon. Cowboys need to fix this atrocious defense. If you need a reminder of how bad it was, sit back and marvel at the dysfunction on display in the team’s five worst defensive plays until the EPA 2020. From Lamar Jackson to Kenyan Drake, these are the moments that need to be a loop in the Cowboys’ war room. -ALSO

OL Connor Williams becomes engaged to his high school girlfriend :: @cwill (Instagram)

Mailbag: Do Cowboys Get Two Choices in the First Round? :: Dallas Cowboys

Link The most recent Mailbag from the Dallas Cowboys writers. In this issue, Nick Eatman and Rob Phillips do their best to answer questions sent by fans around the next NFL draft, including how much it would cost Cowboys to return to the first round and how the club should feel about draft one corner versus drawing a more rusher border?


Which side of the smoke screen are the Dallas Cowboys on? :: The Landry Hat

Link Much of what is said by the NFL offices before recruitment should not be taken into account, as teams do their best to disguise their intentions on the day of recruitment. Is this what is happening to Jerry Jones and his supposed passion for Kyle Pitts? Landry Hat’s Angel Torres discusses whether the Cowboys are using Pitts as a “smokescreen” to keep competitors out.


Free agency Cowboys 2021: Richard Sherman doesn’t think he will sign a contract until after the draft :: Blogging the Boys

Link The Cowboys could certainly use another cornerback or two to complete their secondary. Richard Sherman is one of the best free-agent singers available, and despite his age (33 years old), Sherman could use his veteran skill to make a positive impact in Dallas. The ex-49er and Seahawk said recently that they believe they will sign with a new team sometime after recruiting from the NFL.


Rank’Em: Numbers of the Most Holy Cowboys Jersey :: Dallas Cowboys

Link The NFL is expected to announce that players will have access to a wider range of shirt numbers and the Cowboys summons began to function when LB Jaylon Smith posted a photo of his Notre Dame No. 9 as a Cowboys uniform. Some are in favor of the changes, others wonder if there are numbers that should be retired, something that Dallas has never officially done. -B.C

2021 NFL Draft: Classification of each position group in this year’s class ::

Link Where does the 2021 draft class go deeper? Lance Zierlein goes through a series of prospects by position, ranking each group according to how many useful players are available and which action will last the longest during the draft weekend. It is an offensive draft with wide receiver and OL occupying the first three places. Maybe the Cowboys have to get their CBs in the first two rounds because they are in fifth place overall. -B.C

2021 NFL Draft: The best and worst NFL teams in the selection of choices for the first round since 2010 :: Pro Football Focus

Link Dallas is not in the top five, but he gets an honorable mention here, specifically for picking up Zach Martin, Tyron Smith and now retired Travis Frederick. -B.C

3 trade backs in 1st round land Cowboys 7 top-100 picks in latest mock draft



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