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A Tri-Cities man will pay more than $ 18,000 and face a prison sentence for insurance fraud, according to the Idaho Department of Insurance.

Idaho de Pasco’s stepfather, Benjamin C. Beckett, was brutally attacked in 2017, leaving him unable to work or take care of himself.

The stepfather had a Northwestern Mutual long-term care insurance policy, but did not include coverage for family members who acted as caregivers.

To circumvent the policy’s limitations, Beckett formed a company to act as a care provider for his stepfather and filed claims with Northwest Mutual using false names, according to the Idaho Department of Insurance.

Northwest Mutual paid Beckett $ 24,000 for the claims, but agreed to make a deal with $ 17,000.

Beckett was also ordained in Latah County, Idaho, courthouse to pay the $ 1,220 refund to the state Department of Insurance and court fees.

He was sentenced to two days in prison. The prison sentence has been suspended, but it can be ordered at the discretion of a probation officer, according to the Idaho Probation Department. Beckett will be on probation in Washington state for two years.

“What happened to Mr. Beckett’s stepfather is painful,” said Dean Cameron, director of the Idaho Insurance Department. “Unfortunately, insurance fraud is never a victimless crime, as it causes all Idahoans to suffer, paying higher insurance premiums.”

Senior writer Annette Cary covers Hanford, energy, environment, science and health for the Tri-City Herald. She has been a news reporter for more than 30 years in the Pacific Northwest.

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