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The past eight months have been tiring for a man in Florence.

Dan Thompkins went to the hospital 241 days ago with a diagnosis of COVID-19. This virus changed his life and the lives of his family forever.

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The complications of COVID-19 and the long stay in the hospital kept them apart.

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“It is difficult to suffer from the emotion of [feeling like] you’re not moving forward, “said Dan Thompkins. There is a sense of heaviness when he thinks about his journey.

“I was the clean bill of health,” said Thompkins. “It feels like my health has been lost so fast.”

Thompkins had no underlying conditions. He had symptoms of fever, vomiting and what looked like a pink eye.

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Thompkins spent months in the hospital unable to walk and had difficulty speaking. “God spared my life,” he said.

“My lord, you have brought me from so far from where I was to where I am today.”

Thompkins is in rehab at the Compass Post Acute Rehabilitation in Conway. “I thank God. He was always there. My friends and doctors were there.”

They were right by your side. Thompkins got up and took his first steps on Friday.

“The doctors and nurses stood by and looked after me,” he said. “There were times when I wanted to give up, but they won’t let you give up.”

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