Trump’s Net Worth Plummeted During Presidency – About Your Online Magazine


The coronavirus pandemic and the attack on the Capitol not only may have played a role in the end of Donald Trump’s presidency – they also affected his fortune and his brand. Bloomberg reports that, according to his Billionaires Index, the former president’s net worth was about $ 3 billion when he moved to the Oval Office, but dropped to $ 2.3 billion. Taking advantage of the income figures and assessment of Trump’s financial disclosures and figures in the index, the agency found that Trump’s hotels, resorts and office buildings had a drop in revenue due to COVID, while lenders and brokers began to look sideways at Trump after January .6 riot at the United States Capitol. Meanwhile, nearly $ 600 million in loans, more than half with Trump’s name personally attached, will mature in the next four years.

Bloomberg goes into detail for each of Trump’s individual properties and the income changes for each from 2015 to 2020. BBC notes the ongoing criminal investigation into Trump and the Trump Organization by New York prosecutors, which could also damage its overall brand. Still, Bloomberg is not counting Trump yet, pointing out that he “has recovered before”. The vehicle notes: “A post-pandemic economic recovery could revive the value of its properties. It could continue its series of bestsellers, return to television or start a rival for the social media platforms that rejected it.” Check the details of his properties, fleets, book offers (a “total disaster” for him in recent years) and other recipes on here. (See More information Donald Trump stories.)

Paula Fonseca