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A video of Muslims detaining an army convoy went viral, claiming the video was from West Bengal. The video is being shared with the caption: “God save this greatest democracy in the world … Another scene from West Bengal …. It’s democracy …”.

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The viral video of Muslims stopping an army convoy is from West Bengal.

Fact check:

The Logical Indian Fact-Check team split the video into keyframes and did a reverse image search. In the reverse image search, we found that the same video was posted on a Facebook page, ‘The Bangladesh Defense Analyst’. The video was shared with the caption: “Islamic extremists in Bangladesh are unable to stop an Army ambulance Islamic extremists in Bangladesh have blocked a road but have been unable to stop an Bangladesh Army ambulance. Their response was confused and nervous as they never faced the Army before. #BangladeshArmy #TerrorAlerts. “

We also note that the registration of the army vehicle is in Bangla, while in India, regardless of the state, the registration of the army vehicles is in English.

Logical Indian contacted a Bangladeshi reporter, who shared with us a link to a Facebook page of a politician Moshiur Rahman. The location marked with the video indicates that it is from Nabiganj, Bangladesh. The video is shared with the caption, “Hefazat workers stopped the vehicle while the strike was being carried out by the army and liars.” Nabiganj is an Upazila from the Habiganj district in the Sylhet Division, Bangladesh.

The live video of the same incident was updated by a Facebook page HM AL Amin, and mentioned the location as Ichapur, Hathazari.

At around 4:33 am timestamp of the original video, Al Hera Tahfizul Quran Islamic Academy is written on a board in the background. A Facebook page of Al Hera Tahfizul Quran Islamic Academyy showed that the academy is located at Rangamati Road, Hathazari, Chittagong.

We searched with the keyword “hathazari roadblock” and found a story published by Prothom Alo on March 27, 2021. According to the website, ‘vehicle movements on the Hathazari-Khagrachhari road still remain suspended on Saturday morning after a clash between Hathazari madrasa students and the police in Hathazari de Chattogram during the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ‘

Another media organization Daily Star reported that Hathazari Madarsa students built a wall to block the Chattogram-Khagrachhari highway after a violent clash broke out between Hefajat-e-Islam activists and the police in Hathazari Upazila on March 26, leading to the deaths of four.

The Bangladeshi journalist also confirmed that the video was from Hathazari, Bangladesh, where people were protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Bangladesh.

So the video is from Bangladesh, not West Bengal.

The video is also being shared with the caption that says Muslims were preventing an ambulance from an army convoy from taking an injured Hindu to the hospital.

The local reporter refuted any common angle of the story. According to him, “the Army was trying to block the roads by students in Hathazari. The Army asked students to clear the road, as they said that there is a patient in the ambulance, but the students said: “no, he is not sick inside. We saw him just before at the checkpoint “. When asking about the religion of the patients, he said that although he did not know the patient’s religion he was in the military.”

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