Tax relief: Couples may be able to save hundreds via Marriage Allowance claim | Personal Finance | Finance – About Your Online Magazine

“Your partner’s tax account will be reduced depending on the personal deduction rate for the years you are looking back on,” explains GOV.UK.

It is a topic that Kay Ingram, Director of Public Policy at the LEBC Group, recently discussed.

Speaking to, she said: “As of April 6, the personal allowance will increase to £ 12,570, which means that the wedding allowance will save up to £ 251.40 per year in taxes for the most successful winner. high.

“A four-year late claim will also increase slightly, up to £ 1,218.40.”

Ms. Ingram went on to explain that it could be that more couples would become eligible due to changes in tax brackets and the coronavirus pandemic.

“As of April 6, the income limit at which the highest rate tax (40 percent) becomes due will increase from £ 50,000 to £ 50,270, except in Scotland, where it is frozen at £ 43,430.

“That and the increase in Personal Aid means that more couples will become eligible for the Marriage Allowance and will be able to benefit from an increase in their net pay.

Paula Fonseca