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Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and James Franco, the 2011 Oscar host show is considered one of the strangest in history and its disaster has been criticized by fans and critics. Recently, some Oscar writers have opened up about the incident and referred to it as the ‘most uncomfortable blind date in the world’. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened during the 2011 Oscars and why the writers said that about the host duo.

Oscar writers talk about the presenter disaster of Anne Hathaway and James Franco

According to a The Ringer, several writers who worked on the Oscar 2011 broadcast reflected on the performance of Hollywood actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco. The popular stars were selected by the commission as a way to attract younger audiences with the success of their films as Freaks and Geeks and Princess diaries. Writer David Wild said it was the most uncomfortable blind date in the world between the rocker and drug addict and the adorable cheerleader in the theater field.

Jordan Rubin, one of the other writers on the same program, added that Franco and Hathaway took very different ways of preparing for the ceremony. He said that Anne made herself available and when he went to her house to work on the script, she was on a series of teleconferences and responding to emails and was a great contributor. On the other hand, James seemed a little distracted by his other commitments. Rubin mentioned that James always seemed to be on a flight and that it was very difficult to contact him.

Speaking more about the strangeness between the two, Rubin said that as soon as the two started filming together, the differences in their personalities became clear. While The devil Wears Prada star appeared ready to play and committed 110 percent, James, even though he was a great guy, often looked like he had just woken up from a nap. David Wild also talked about feeling a little tension between the two during rehearsals, when Hathaway gave Franco some advice. Wild also revealed that before Franco, his first choice for the show was Justin Timberlake, but the singer refused.

Image credits: Official Oscar channel on Youtube

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