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As we celebrate this remarkable anniversary, we would like to share with you some of our favorite merchandise generated by the company’s launches, that is, Topps collectible cards. (In addition, Lucasfilm and its consumer production have a similar relationship to ouroboros at this point). Below, you’ll find a variety of collectible card lines issued by Topps inspired by the various Star Wars films and television shows.

All of these offerings represent not only how Lucas and Lucasfilm deconstructed and reconstructed science fiction into a far-reaching phenomenon, but also the simple ways in which collectibles are part of our shared history. You may have fond memories of buying a package of The Empire Strikes Back cards from your local ice cream truck or warm reflections on the schoolyard’s discussions about Jabba the Hutt, generated by trade Return of the Jedi business cards. These memories are part of the reason why the Star Wars saga is so significant to fans around the world, and we have to thank Lucasfilm and Topps for that. And thankful, we really are. Here now, take a look at some of the biggest collaborations from Lucasfilm and Topps.

Topps Star Wars trading card box

Topps Star Wars trading card box

Price: $ 2,000 – $ 4,000

While it may seem impossible from a 2021 perspective, there was a time when Star Wars collectible items were downright difficult to find. Kenner’s infamous Early Bird certificate issued for Christmas 1977 was essentially an empty cardboard cover that promised action figures that technically didn’t exist yet. Other products produced quickly like inflatable lightsabers (which, admittedly, are kind of tough), puzzles and a board game temporarily helped to suppress the desire for all things related to a very, very distant galaxy.

Of the initial products, the one that lasted the longest are Topps’ various commercial cards. For a mere 15 cents, aspiring Star Warriors could get several cards with colorful images from the film, a dazzling sticker – you would feel like royalty if you won a Darth Vader – and a bubble gum. They were cheap, highly collectible and very cool. Not only did they help introduce collectible cards in a generation, but the five differently colored lines that make up the series remain some of the most desired Star Wars collectibles of all time. That is why a closed box of these cards will cost good money. Will the bragging rights to own one give you, however? Priceless.

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