Boy, 10, faces of Rocky fundraiser for cord blood research – About Your Online Magazine

The Rockhampton Inner Wheel Club will hold a fundraiser this month for medical research in honor of a Sydney boy who was born with severe combined immunodeficiency and had to undergo a stem cell transplant and chemotherapy to survive.

Sean, now a healthy 10-year-old boy, was diagnosed with the disorder just three days after his first birthday.

Thanks to an umbilical cord blood donation by an American family, he survived an agonizing hospitalization at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

The Rockhampton Inner Wheel Club is participating in the 2km national walk “Sean’s Two for Ten” to raise money for umbilical cord blood research.

Club correspondent Karen Baker said members of the Inner Wheel and families from across Australia were participating in the walk.

“More than $ 30,000 has been raised so far,” she said.

“Many thanks have been extended to Sean and his family and to Ambassadors Maggie Scott, Peter Fitzsimons and Alison Lester who supported our national umbilical cord blood research project and this event.”

The Rockhampton event will take place on Sunday, May 16, in the oval adjacent to Rocky Sports Club and will begin at 8am.

Registrations can be made from 7:30 am or earlier, by contacting the club.

The cost is $ 10.

After that, the Rocky Sports Club will have drinks and food available for purchase.

Paula Fonseca