BREAKING: Ody Oguama has entered the Transfer Portal – About Your Online Magazine

Overnight, we learned that Wake Forest Junior striker Ody Oguama will put his name on the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Playing in 20 games, starting with 18, Oguama averaged 7.6 points and 5.4 rebounds. Ody has always been considered a guy, who may not be the most technically solid basketball player, but he is the one who leaves everything out. Its engine just never stopped, which was always great for effortless play, second chance points and just general morale. Yet. he was struggling to stay out of trouble from game to game and was working to refine the most delicate parts of his game.

This is part of the Transfer Portal, as Wake still has 3 talented players coming, with Damari Monsanto, Jake LaRavia and Dallas Walton, all signed and registered in the summer. What is difficult is that this is a big blow to the depth in 5. Although I am a big fan of Tariq Ingraham, we haven’t seen a full season of it yet. We also saw last year what happened when Wake had only 2 whiskers, and it was not pretty, so it looks like taking a body to locate 10-12 minutes when you need it will be at the table for the team.

This is the first that really shocks. They had just finished conditioning and there seemed to be a collective buy-in moving forward, so a move like this is a little bit impressive.

Good luck to Ody, though. He always represented Old Gold and Black well, and just as we celebrate the guys who leave their team to join ours, we must cheer for those who were already part of Mother So Dear and decided to leave.

We will have more updates as they come.

Paula Fonseca