Insurance fraud is no laughing chatter – About Your Online Magazine

Two radio disc jockeys in Australia were left in “spots” by hearing about the story of a work accident insurance fraud listener involving a fake physical therapist, all in the name of helping a friend.

“I need you to be a physical therapist. I just need you to have a fake physiotherapy studio where I can go, to fix my fake injury, ”said listener“ Todd ”, laughing, Lewis Hobba and Michael Hing, who present the“ Hobba and Hing ”afternoon drive show at alternative radio station Triple J.

“We made a fake physiotherapy studio and sent the physiotherapy bills to fix the fake injury to the insurance company and they paid us,” boasted the listener.

Others did not find the scam amusing, along with the Australian Insurance Council.

“Insurance fraud has cost the industry millions,” an insurance council spokesman told, adding that “many Australians need the support and protection of their insurer … These people can be affected when The insurer’s resources are diverted from legitimate claims assistance to deal with fraudulent claims. “

“How is this funny? Insurance fraud costs a lot for the rest of us, ”tweeted a listener. “With increased prizes. Out of reach for some people who want to protect and feel safe, ensuring what they seek. Yes, hilarious. Grow up.”

Paula Fonseca