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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Rosemary Stipe’s passion took her to many corners of Europe. As a tour manager, she walked the streets that many of us only dream about.

“I have taken personal and group trips to Ireland more than 132 times now,” she said.

But she did everything with pain and closed shoes.

“I never wore sandals because my foot was awful and I was very ashamed of it,” explained Stipe.

His condition is not uncommon.

“Bunions are very common, so I see them about 10 times a week. Thus, about 25% of them have a severe bunion, ”said Dr. Thomas Bembynista, a podiatrist from Stipe.

Bunions don’t just look nasty. In many people, they cause severe pain.

“It really started to hurt after a while,” said Stipe.

To repair a bunion, you need surgery. And the way the surgery used to be done, you would have to be fully awake for up to six weeks. A surgery that has existed for several years, called lapiplastia, allows for a much faster recovery time.

“This allows a more normal function to occur more quickly,” said Bembynista.

Bunion is a bone deformity that actually occurs in the middle of the foot, further back than where you usually see the deformity. Lapiplastia begins with a cut to straighten the bone.

“The precise cut, along with the possibility of making sure it is perfectly secured, so you can support the weight immediately,” said Bembynista.

After cutting, the bone is straightened and held in place with metal plates, relieving pain and restoring the shape of the foot. It allows the patient to spend perhaps a week away from relatively normal activities.

Stipe said that was a decisive factor for her. The fun shoes were a bonus.

“I always loved stylish shoes, that was one of my favorite things ever,” she said. “I’m ready to go out and buy fun sandals.”

In general, lapiplastia has very positive reviews, but you need to contact your own doctor to find out if it will be the solution for you. Insurance covers the procedure for most people.

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