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Residents attended and donated blood for the Action News Jax and OneBlood blood donation campaign “Spring into Action” on Tuesday.

OneBlood reports that, in total, 24 people signed up to donate blood and 15 were successful, donating enough blood to save 45 lives.

OneBlood says the other 9 people who did not donate blood successfully had low levels of iron or abnormal body temperature.

Steve Suhm is a cancer survivor three times. Because he was a recipient of blood himself, paying it forward is priceless.

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“You really should go out and donate blood. People are in need and you never know when you or your family may need blood, and it is the right thing to do for people, ”said Suhm.

Blood banks across the country are reporting shortages after many blood donations had to be canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month, Action News Jax talked about an emergency blood need in Jacksonville. LifeSouth said the blood supply had reached a “critical point”.

For Betsi Scott, the importance of donating blood comes from a time when your father was in need.

“My dad and I share the same blood type, so I used to donate when he had surgery, so I learned about the importance of donating blood,” Scott told Action News Jax.

Sebastian Thomay also donated blood because of a personal family connection. His mother needed blood twice because of low iron levels.

“This is helping people to survive in the event of an accident or something or cancer,” said Thomay.

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As for Suhm, giving back gives you hope.

“We need a little more humanity today,” said Suhm.

If you missed Tuesday’s blood donation, don’t worry, you can click this link to get a list of blood donations near you.

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