USD 383 board to consider new school bus purchase, filter software for iPads | News – About Your Online Magazine

The Manhattan-Ogden school board on Wednesday will consider several purchases, including a new school bus.

The meeting starts at 18:30. at the Robinson Education Center.

The council will consider purchasing a new 71-passenger Midwest Transit school bus from Nixa, Missouri, for $ 90,624. The bus is a model from the year 2022 and the price includes the installation of a surveillance system with four cameras.

Two Ford Explorers are part of that agenda item; the Explorers come from the National Auto Fleet Group and cost $ 65,578.

The board will also consider purchasing security filtering software from Stryke Security, Inc., for $ 20,050.

The district would install the software on the district iPads given to students as part of the 1: 1 technology ratio. The software would filter inappropriate and dangerous content on devices, while providing data on the websites that students visit and the number of times trying to open unauthorized sites.

District iPads are using the free version of a filtering system called Lightspeed, but $ 383 chief technology officer Mike Ribble said his team is evaluating better filtering software options and wants to transition to a new program as soon as the current program contract ends summer.

A change order full of miscellaneous items for Oliver Brown Elementary is also listed. The change order covers several extra construction costs, totaling $ 137,271. This raises the maximum guaranteed price for the school project to $ 17.58 million. Local construction company Hutton is continuing its work at the school as district officials prepare to begin moving furniture to the building and finishing it in time for its August opening date.

In other businesses, the board will consider:

  • Purchase of literacy training services for 11 district educators from the Fundamental Learning Center for $ 29,373.
  • Final approval of the proposal to replace part of Northview Elementary’s side sewer for $ 55,950 from Central Mechanical Construction of Manhattan.
  • Approval of the start and end times of the school for the academic year 2021-22. There is no change in the start and end times of last year’s school days. Oliver Brown Elementary will follow the same start and end times consistent with other buildings that have a 30-minute lunch period. Students attending Oliver Brown will start the day at 8:40 am and leave school at 3:55 pm.

Before the meeting, the school board will honor the district’s retirees at 5:00 pm. at the Rezac Auditorium in Manhattan High West. An additional retirement is listed in the human resources report for Wednesday’s meeting; Manhattan High School paraprofessional Diane Thompson is retiring starting June 1. She has been in the district since March 1999.

Paula Fonseca