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Lombardi says 49ers yielded to pressure in the development of Lance originally appeared in NBC Sports Bayarea

If you really heard what Kyle Shanahan said since the 49ers were dominated by Josh Allen in a loss to Buffalo Bills in Week 13, it was exceedingly obvious that San Francisco was not seriously considering Mac Jones after trading up to third place in the 2021 NFL Draft.

You do not give up the capital of the draft that the 49ers made when climbing to No. 3 of the 12th choice to select a non-dynamic quarterback, with a high floor / low ceiling that, at best, would represent a minimal upgrade over the already QBs is on the list, and anyone using a real reason to try to sift through the draft rumors could easily deduce that.

Unfortunately, as we have seen, the lack of reason prevailed, due to an echo chamber created and maintained by those who confused report with inference and opinion. Many were certain that Jones would be the choice simply because some people believed he would be, based on a flawed analysis of what Shanahan wanted and was looking for.

Was will always be Trey Lance. Shanahan and general manager John Lynch have already said this, with their focus focused on January. And yet, some of the same people who thought it would be Jones continue to present an unfounded opinion, even in the face of a clearly opposite reality.

“I can’t believe it was Trey Lance all the time,” Michael Athletic, of The Athletic, told Jason McIntyre of FOX Sports Radio on Monday. “Anyone you talk to in the NFL who has sources – they don’t buy, either. [San Francisco] I can say that it was Trey all the time – this is a lot of shit. They negotiated to get Mac Jones and the external pressure became very strong. “

Let’s go man. Just take the ‘L’. Having sources does not automatically make those sources accurate, and if the sources you depend on are just basing your opinions on the opinions of others, you may be getting your information from the wrong place.

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The idea that Shanahan and Lynch would give in to pressure from fans about the most important preliminary decision in the franchise’s history is just as ridiculous and ridiculous – kind of like the Jones craze in general. As NFL draft analyst and Denver Broncos writer Benjamin Allbright briefly reported on Monday, there is absolutely no truth to that suggestion.

So, who are you going to believe? Those who really made the decision – and one that made sense, on what; or those “sources” that remain trapped in an alternative and baseless reality?

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