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JONESBORO – Phillip Crego, who has been a prosecutor for the city of Jonesboro for 20 years, died Tuesday at a local hospital, said Bill Campbell, director of communications for the city.

Crego, 64, who became the city’s first full-time lawyer for Jonesboro, served from 1995 to 2014.

Current city attorney Carol Duncan, who served as Crego’s assistant attorney for 10 years, said Crego was a mentor and a friend.

Already a veteran lawyer before assuming the position of assistant, “I was not a veteran in the municipal government. He taught me almost everything I knew about city government. My heart is with his family. “

Donna Jackson, who served as city secretary for most of Crego’s term, said Crego did everything he could to help fellow employees comply with the law.

“He was just a good person in every way. Like all of us, he had his flaws, but who doesn’t? “Jackson said. “In my opinion, Phillip was excellent. You couldn’t do much better than Phillip Crego. “

Duncan said that Crego really loved the duties of the city attorney.

“He told me that his favorite thing about being a city attorney was that each day was a new day,” said Duncan. “There was never a dull moment. Because it wasn’t like other law practices where you kind of got bored of doing the same thing day after day.

“With the city, there was always something new, exciting and different that you could research or get involved in, and he really loved it. He had to do a little criminal work with the prosecutor, and he still had to do all kinds of different things. He loved to solve problems and he really was always just concerned with making Jonesboro the best he could be and he was really proud of it. “

In his retirement, Crego divided his time between homes in Jonesboro and Cherokee Village, where he enjoyed the outdoors and bought antiques.

“In addition to her three children, I would say that her blues music was the love of her life,” said Duncan.

Crego leaves two adult sons and one grown daughter.

Preparations for the funeral were not announced.

Paula Fonseca