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NEW DELHI: Delhi University has decided to cancel the online classes in progress until May 16 after Covid’s increase. A notice released on Tuesday said: “In view of a sudden increase in 19 cases from Covid, online education is expected to remain suspended until May in the university’s departments and colleges.”

A university official said that at least 500 professors from colleges, schools and institutions at the University of Delhi have hired Covid-19 and more than a dozen teachers have died of the disease.

A group of professors and students from the University of Delhi raised this question and called on the acting vice chancellor of the University of Delhi, PC Joshi, to cancel online classes and postpone exams for the final semester.

University officials said the varsity team is planning to postpone final exams for the semester, due in May-June.
In view of the shortage of beds and the health crisis in existing hospitals, Acting Deputy Chancellor, PC Joshi, wrote to all HoDs and directors to form a support group to help each other.

“The country is going through a very critical phase. In this hour of need, the support of paramedical personnel, including nurses (men or women), is of immense importance. We need to pool resources to create a robust mechanism for combating the pandemic, ”he said.

“It was hinted that the faculties appointed several paramedical staff, including contract nurses. We want to use your services for the benefit of the university fraternity. Therefore, you are asked to provide us with the data of your college’s paramedical team, ”he said.

Paula Fonseca