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France threatened to cut JerseyElectricity supply amid ongoing dispute overBrexit fishing rights.

Navy Minister Annick Girdardin suggested the measure during a speech in the French Parliament, warning that Paris was ready to use “retaliatory measures” after allegations that French fishermen are being prevented from operating in the Channel Islands.

“I am sorry that you have reached this [but] we will do that if necessary, ”she said on Tuesday.

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, depends on France for 95% of its electricity supply, which is powered by three underwater cables.

The minister’s comments mark the last consecutive climb on access to British fishing waters.

French sailors have accused the UK of delaying the issuance of new licenses needed to fish in its waters.

After the UK left the European Union, French fishing boat operators must now prove that they fished in UK waters for five years before the 2016 referendum to obtain a license – which only Jersey can issue.

On Friday, Jersey authorized 41 French fishing vessels – equipped with technology that allows tracking of their location – to fish in the waters of the island.

But the French government claimed that there were other new rules that the country had not been informed of and complained that its fishermen were being limited to where and for how long they could fish.

Last month, French fishermen blocked a port on the Canal to retain British catches arriving by truck in protest against the new rules, which they believe to be excessively bureaucratic.

At the time, Bruno Margolle, who heads the main fishermen’s cooperative in Boulogne-sur-Mer, told the Reuters news agency: “We think it would be a matter of days. Four months later, we have barely progressed. “

The British government previously denied responsibility for license delays, with the prime minister’s official spokesman saying that he takes an “evidence-based approach” to licensing EU fishing vessels using information provided by the European Commission.

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