‘Non-infectious after 10 days’: Covid hospital sets recovery time for workers | Noida News – About Your Online Magazine

Noida: Without decreasing the number of patients seeking admission and facing an acute labor shortage, a designated state Covid hospital in Noida decided to limit the recovery period for health workers in 10 days.
The director of Child PGI (Super Specialty Pediatric Hospital & Post Graduate Training Institute) issued guidelines to staff and workers on Tuesday who said health workers and paramedics tested positive for Covid-19 through RT-PCR will be considered not infectious after 10 days. The guidelines said that regular, contractual and contingent workers who are delegated by Covid hospital duties and contracting the infection will have a maximum of 10 days to report back to work.
Director DK Gupta’s order states that all asymptomatic individuals will have three days and those with symptoms 10 days to return to function. “No further testing is needed after 10 days of symptoms. These cases can be positive PCR, but they are not infectious and must be presented to the service immediately ”, states the dispatch.
In addition, a new policy for testing health professionals and team members has been developed. Although no tests are done for those who are asymptomatic, those with symptoms cannot send samples directly to a laboratory, but forward them through the respective department heads.
“On the tenth day, the virus is usually inactive,” Gupta told TOI. “Or we take it as a dead virus. If you take the test at that time, it may show a positive result on RT-PCR, but it is not capable of causing harm to other people, as long as the person has no clinical symptoms. If symptoms are present, the person should be considered infected and the test may or may not be positive. I followed what KGMU in Lucknow did and the circular is based on your request. A clarification will be made among officials to specify that people with difficulty breathing, chest pains or a high fever will not be called into office until they fully recover, ”he added.
The hospital is equipped with 60 oxygen beds, 10 of which are in the intensive care unit. In addition to treating Covid patients, she is also admitting other patients and is known for her experience in dealing with complicated pediatric cases. Currently, about 440 employees are posted on the premises, of which about 45 are MBBS graduates.
The guidelines were not well accepted by doctors and paramedical staff. “Health professionals are already overwhelmed. There is no end in sight for this battle for now. If we are unable to take time off or vacation during this period, at least we should have time to fully recover from Covid. We saw no guidance that says positive tests using RT-PCR should be considered non-infectious after a certain number of days, ”said a nurse.
District magistrate Suhas LY told TOI, “Health workers must receive the highest respect. I will check with health department officials if such a guideline has been issued due to a lack of manpower. Since the Union government has taken steps to recruit senior MBBS students and nursing staff for Covid-19 obligations, we will be able to take some steps to reduce the burden on existing labor. ”

Paula Fonseca