Baba Ijesha traumatised, weak, lean in detention – Lawyer – About Your Online Magazine

By Alao Abiodun

Adesina Ogunlana, lawyer for tormented Nollywood actor Olanrewaju James Omiyinka, popularly known as Baba Ijesha, explained that his client is traumatized, weak and increasingly thin in police detention.

In the letter obtained by The Nation to the Lagos police commissioner, Ogunlana demanded that his client be released on bail.

He noted that Baba Ijesha’s colleague, Yomi Fabiyi, is ready to be a guarantor for him.

The Nation reports that Baba Ijesha has been in police custody since his arrest in April for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old boy.

Ogunlana in his letter entitled ‘Re: Olanrewaju James Omiyinka’s request for immediate bail’ urged the police to release Baba Ijesha on bail, adding that the accused had become abnormally weak and thin in prison.

Part of the letter says: “We are aware that a legal opinion on our client’s issue was issued about two weeks ago, disclosing potential allegations of a bail character.

“It appears that the investigation has been concluded in your case and it is inconceivable that the issuance of legal advice is now a basis for the denial of bail, as was widely reported in the press to have alleged.

“We affirm that the continued detention of Mr. Olanrewaju James Omiyinka in his SCID Panti Yaba installation, for about thirty days, in our respectful view, is a gross violation of his fundamental human rights, as recognizable under the 1999 constitution, the great norm of the nation’s legal architecture.

“As of today, when I met Omiyinka in the company of his theatrical colleague and guarantor, Mr. Yomi Fabiyi, he looked traumatized, emaciated and was limping on his right leg. I can assure you, sir, that Mr. Omiyinka is not a flight hazard and he is prepared to face the trial. “

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