Dhanbad traders donate blood to save depleting resources – About Your Online Magazine

Lack of camps due to pandemic and vaccination campaign

The blood donation camp at Vivekananda Chowk in Park Market, Hirapur in Dhanbad on Sunday.

Dhanbad traders donated blood on Sunday to the blood bank at Memorial Sahid Nirmal Mahto Hospital and Medical School, which faces shortages during the Covid pandemic.

Most blood bank donors are from IIT (ISM) and BIT Sindri. Both campuses are teaching online classes and the hostels have been evacuated with the increase in cases.

About 13 units of blood were donated in a blood donation field jointly organized by the Purana Bazar Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Dhanbad Chamber of Commerce, Park Market in Vivekanand Chowk of Hirapur.

“As most members of both units of the chamber of commerce took the first or second dose of the vaccine and blood donation is generally not considered safe within a month after vaccination, so the donation was less than our expectation , but we try to add to the stock and more fields will continue, ”said Sanjeev Chaurasia of the Dhanbad Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. A.K. Singh, the SNMMCH blood bank responsible, said: “Although we are experiencing some stock shortages in negative groups, overall the situation is alarming, as we had 100 units of stock in the morning, which increased to 113 after donating 13 units by members of two different units of the Chamber of Commerce. “

“We were apprehending lack of blood after the intensification of Covid’s vaccination campaign, but since much awareness has been raised about the possible blood crisis due to vaccination by a number of voluntary blood donor organizations, such people whose one month of vaccination has been completed are coming in large numbers to donate blood to overcome the crisis, ”said Dr. Singh.

Paula Fonseca