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Kadapa: There is a generalized sense of fear with the fury of the Coronavirus that attacks thousands of people every day, taking many lives and leaving those infected with fear for the rest of their lives.

Watching how frightened people are when they learn that they are a positive corona, doctors say fear is dangerous and actually weakens the immune system. They say that maintaining emotional equanimity and staying strong is as important as medication and treatment. They a healthy person can recover faster.

Doctors also warn those who have tested negative not to let their guard down, but to continue to take all precautions, such as wearing masks, cleaning their hands frequently and keeping physical distance out of obligation.

District Health and Medical Officer K.V.N.S. Anil Kumar told the Deccan Chronicle emphasized individual and institutional responses to keeping the virus under control. He said the medical and health department led by District Collector Chevuru Harikiran was taking all possible measures to contain the disease throughout the district. He asked all those who had contact with positive cases to undergo the corona tests. Even if they have no symptoms, it is best to get tested if there is any suspicion.

If a case is reported as positive, the medical officer of the area health center, local activists from ANM and Asha would contact the person and find out about the health condition. He said that these people would be kept at home isolated if their health was stable and would be transferred to the nearest Covid call center if their condition did not improve.

There are four Covid hospitals and 12 Covid call centers across the district. In addition, 106 private hospitals were identified and would be used when necessary.

Dr. Anil Kumar said that if a person died within 14 days of being diagnosed with a positive Corona, it would be identified as Corona death. If the death occurs 14 days after the positive result, it will be considered normal death. He said that Covid patients can call ‘104’ or ‘14410’ for any information.

Paula Fonseca