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Montgomery TechLab recently hosted Demo Day for its inaugural cohort of 10 technology startups, allowing potential investors, stakeholders and technology professionals from across the state to see the businesses and solutions that were developed during the previous 12 weeks.

Montgomery TechLab provides startups with valuable access to government, industry and education leaders to accelerate economic growth and development across the Montgomery region.

These opportunities include connecting startups with local talent and building relationships with potential customers in the commercial, federal, state and government sectors, with the aim of better positioning themselves to compete in the digital economy.

“The accelerator program highlighted the incredible potential for technology startups to engage with local partners,” said Marcus Shaw, founder of Montgomery TechLab. “It is clear that Montgomery has the resources and the vision to build a strong technology ecosystem that will drive growth in the region.”

The tech startup accelerator program focuses on mobile app development and is led by Shaw, former executive director of Chattanooga, Tennessee The Company Lab.

Ten technology startups presented their business ideas and solutions on the first day of the Montgomery TechLab demonstration. (contributed)

Advanced technology

The program is part of Alabama’s strategic effort to promote economic growth through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

“Recruiting high-tech jobs has been a priority for Alabama’s economic development team, and we’re taking concrete steps to nurture and strengthen the ecosystem so that startups and technology entrepreneurs across the state can thrive,” said Greg Canfield, Alabama Department of Commerce secretary.

Montomery TechLab counts among the successes of its first cohort the partnership between Riis Technology and Alabama State University who recently received a $ 1.5 million award Technology transfer for small businesses (STTR) grant to develop a medical records management solution for a Texas military facility.

TechMGM, a Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce technology initiative, coordinated a full day of events around the demonstration and invited state and government leaders to the Montgomery technology and innovation district to connect, get involved and learn about the area’s initiatives, partnerships and potential.

“The completion of the first Montgomery TechLab cohort marks a major step for our technology and innovation community,” said Montgomery Chamber CEO Anna Buckalew.

“Montgomery TechLab, combined with our unique infrastructure and resources and powerful economic development partnerships, positions Montgomery as a technology center and incubator for technology startups,” she added.

This story originally appeared in the Alabama Department of Commerce Site made in Alabama.

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