Treasurer and STLC president partner to donate caps and gowns to seniors – About Your Online Magazine

Webb County Treasurer Raul Reyes and South Texas Latino Coalition President Jeronimo Martinez teamed up on Tuesday to make a donation to Laredo South Triumph High School Principal Odie Arambula to help students succeed the school items they need when they approach graduation.

The $ 300 donation will help with the purchase of graduation caps and aprons for 10 graduates.

“It is always important to ensure that, as community leaders, we try our best to provide the tools and resources necessary for our high school students to not only make progress, but to stay ahead,” said Reyes.

Reyes said donations like these are more important than ever because of the pandemic and the struggles it creates.

“The 2021 senior class at Triumph Laredo South is extremely grateful for the generosity of our Webb County treasurer, Raul Reyes, and Mr. Jeronimo Martinez, president of the South Texas Latino Coalition,” said Arambula. “As director of Campus Sul de Laredo, it is important to build relationships with our civic leaders so that our future leaders can appreciate the benefits of giving back to our schools. The $ 300 donation today will go towards the purchase of caps and gowns for 10 of our graduates this school year. “

Reyes said he believed that the pandemic not only affected last year’s graduates, but also this year’s graduates. It was a disturbing force, although students continued to excel on their way to graduation.

“If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are resilient when we come together and help each other,” said Reyes. “Students from across our community had to endure a lot of anxiety and, like the 2020 class, a final year and an unprecedented experience. I hope this donation will help you get a little out of their plate as they prepare for the transition to university studies.

“It is my hope that they will realize that there are people here rooting for their success.”

Reyes hopes to continue his partnership with the South Texas Latino Coalition to help low-income students buy their caps and lab coats.

Paula Fonseca