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Many teaching centers have already put their classes online or will do so today, two days before.

Yesterday evening, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing announced that primary schools, secondary schools, teaching centers and enrichment centers will have to transfer classes online or suspend activities, according to the schools’ decision to move to the teaching at home.

It comes after a sharp increase in the number of community cases recently, as well as a spike in unrelated cases yesterday.

Several students have tested positive for coronavirus, with many linked to the cluster at the Learning Point class center in Parkway Center.

Yesterday, nine more people, including four primary school students, were added to this cluster, bringing their total cases to 18.

Many educational centers that The New Paper spoke to over the weekend said they made the decision to move online after the strict security management measures announced last week and the recent MOE guidelines, which they believe are necessary to protect your students and educators.

A spokesman for the Aspire Hub Education branch in United Square told TNP that it offered physical classes as an option for the weekend and that all classes will be available online starting today.

The parents applauded the change.


Madame May Chen, who has a 10-year-old son and two daughters, aged seven and three, said she was delighted when her son’s Mind Stretcher education center announced on Saturday that it will pass online classes starting today.

Madame Chen, 35, founder of the Chinese-language parent information platform sghotmoms, said: “With many cases confirmed in different schools, education and enrichment centers have a high chance of spreading the virus due to the mix of students.

“Children are vulnerable and must avoid the risk.”

Associate professor Hsu Li Yang, an infectious disease specialist at the National University of Singapore’s Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, said that while there is a trade-off in terms of teaching effectiveness, the transition from teaching centers to online teaching is a good move and will help minimize the potential spread of the virus.

He said: “Outbreaks in education centers are of concern because of the potential for spread.

“Both teachers and students generally have extensive networks, in addition to families and friends – teachers teach several classes a day, while students can have more than one class, which can be in different centers.”

Professor Hsu added that classes should remain online as long as possible, at least until current restrictions are relaxed.

Paula Fonseca