BeWellNM encourages people to apply for health insurance after federal funding drives down costs – About Your Online Magazine

“On February 15th, we started the enrollment period that runs through August 15th, and as of April 1st, there is actually a lot more financial assistance available for new Mexicans, which means lower monthly payments for insurance coverage health, as well as for some people, reduce payments when you visit your doctor, ”said Jeffrey Bustamante, CEO of BeWellNM.

Because of the extra federal funding, coverage through BeWellNM is even more affordable. BeWellNM said that about four-fifths of new Mexicans who qualify are likely to pay about $ 10 a month.

“If you get coverage today, you choose a plan today, you’ll have coverage starting at the beginning of next month, so whether it’s today or in a week, it will always be effective at the beginning of next month, so really we’re encouraging people to discover their options and choose a plan, ”said Bustamante.

Free help is also available online, over the phone and in person.

“This is mainly health insurance, but you can also get dental assistance from us and many of our insurers offer both or some plan that meets your needs,” said Bustamante.

Some 44,000 new Mexicans have already applied for health coverage through BeWellNM, but there are still about 56,000 new Mexicans without insurance who could also qualify.

“Our slogan is because you never know. But really, even outside the pandemic, people have things that happen, whether it’s a heart problem or something wonderful like the birth of a child, you know, health things happen, and that’s why it’s very important to have that barrier in place, not just during the pandemic, but as we get out of it as well, ”said Bustamante.

For more information on how to apply for health insurance through BeWellNM, Click here.

Paula Fonseca