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Online business insurer B2Z Insurance launched a new set of insurance policies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), including a policy for business owners, cyber insurance and more, according to a Press release.

Other features include professional liability, rented and non-owned cars and workers’ compensation, the statement said.

The policy of business owners goes beyond general responsibility and covers buildings, structures, accidents with customers and more, according to the statement. Cyber ​​insurance offers help for small and medium-sized businesses in paying customer notifications, monitoring fraud, legal fees and system damage.

In the meantime, professional liability resources provide coverage for companies that provide specialized and consultancy services, offering help with substandard work complaints, such as missed deadlines, the statement said.

The rented, non-suite automotive product assists in losses from third parties involving vehicles driven for commercial purposes but owned by employees, as well as rented vehicles, according to the statement.

And workers’ compensation is a way for employees injured at work to have access to coverage to help with medical payments and possible litigation-related expenses, the statement said.

“In today’s business environment, small business owners understand the importance of resilience and the need for full coverage to keep their assets, employees and customers safe,” said B2Z Insurance founder and CEO, Kuldeep Malik, in the statement. “But the insurance offerings on the market today are complicated and slow, which leaves many companies with coverage gaps – or even without full insurance. The launch of our complete set of policies, combined with our customer-focused platform, marks the beginning of our journey to raise the bar for a better insurance buying experience. “

PYMNTS reported that slow insurance payments can be detrimental to SMEs. These payments should fix things, but waiting for paper checks in the mail can only add to the problems for these companies. Switching to digital payments can alleviate the problems of these companies.



About the study: A third of consumers who signed up for subscription services last year were only interested in the free trial. In the 2021 Signature Commerce Conversion Index, PYMNTS surveys 2,022 US consumers and analyzes more than 200 subscription commerce providers to focus on the key features that transform “subscription curious” into long-term persistent subscribers.

Paula Fonseca