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Crouch says Mane crossed the line

Sadio Mane ignores Jurgen Klopp in the final whistle of Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Man United

Diogo Jota’s injury ensured Sadio Mane was back in Liverpool’s starting lineup for 2-1 yesterday, but despite some potentially crucial victories for the Reds last week, memories continue to persist about the Senegalese international’s reaction to Jurgen Klopp after the full-time whistle at Old Trafford on Thursday night.

Mane – who came on as a reserve against Manchester United – seems to snub his coach when he tries to congratulate him on the pitch.

Responding in your Daily Mail column ‘Ask Crouchie’ When fans question him about the main points of discussion of the week, Crouch received the poser: Did Sadio Mane cross the line when he snubbed Jurgen Klopp at Old Trafford?

The former Liverpool striker replied:

I think so. There is a time and a place to express your feelings to your coach and the midfield at Old Trafford in the final whistle, as a visiting player, is neither the place nor the time!

Klopp knows how to manage situations and showed that there was no lingering animosity when choosing Mane at West Brom.

Mane’s performance was also better. He had a disappointing season, but he’s too good not to make an impact.

You have a duty to control your emotions while the cameras are filming. When you enter the locker room or return to the training ground, that’s when you give your opinion.

I have seen many examples of this happening and are a daily occurrence across the country.

Paula Fonseca