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WENHAM – Gordon College honored his classes in 2020 and 2021 on Saturday in two separate ceremonies.

In the morning, the graduating class of the private Christian school of liberal arts of 2020 and the graduate classes of 2020 and 2021 gathered in the quadrangle to receive their diplomas. Later that afternoon, the faculty and staff met again to honor the 2021 graduate class. Both ceremonies were broadcast live, since graduates were only able to bring in a limited number of guests.

Outgoing President D. Michael Lindsay presided over both ceremonies for the last time in his 10-year term.


128th start for the class of 2020 and start of graduation for the class of 2021

Number of graduates: 349 undergraduate courses in arts and sciences and 110 master’s degrees in education, music education, leadership and financial analysis for the 2020 classes; 119 master’s degrees in education, music education, leadership and financial analysis for the 2021 class

Collegiate Class of the Year 2020: Esther Neema Kamau from Nairobi, Kenya, graduated in finance.

129th beginning of the 2021 class

Number of graduates: 347 undergraduate courses in arts and sciences.

2021 Collegiate of the Year: Salome Palmer, Pike Honors Program Scholar (Bible studies, music and comparative literature) from Mason, Ohio.

2021 Honorary Doctorates: Chairman of the Board of Trustees Herman J. Smith Jr., Doctor of Divinity; former chairman of the New England Higher Education Commission, Barbara Brittingham, a doctor in public service; President of the International Association of Christian Schools, Larry Taylor, PhD in Human Letters; longtime college friend Sherry Tupper, PhD in Humanities.

2021 Graduation Speaker: Outgoing President D. Michael Lindsay

2021 Senior Distinguished Faculty Award: Sarita Kwok from Brookline, Adams Endowed Chair in Music

2021 Junior Distinguished Faculty Award: Amy Brown Hughes de Salem, assistant professor of theology

2021 Recognition of emeritus status: Ted Hildebrandt de Rowley, former professor of biblical studies; Elaine Phillips of Gloucester, former Harold John Ockenga Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

On Sunday, a ceremony took place in Georgia to award 11 degrees to the Gordon Leadership Masters program cohort members, based in Atlanta in 2021.


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