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MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2021 / Tarku Resources Ltd (TSX-V: TKU) (FRA: 7TK) (the “Company” or “Tarku”) provides investor updates and highlights on his recent questions and answers about the Silver Strike Project companies in Arizona.

During this conference call, President and CEO Julien Davy commented on the company’s objectives and gave an insight into the recent results of the exploration. The conference call was held in English by Zoom, and Mr. Davy answered questions from investors registered in the company’s newsletter. The highlighted part of this conversation is available below:

Question 1: Could Mr. Davy give us a brief overview of Tarku’s Resources and its mission?

answer 1: Tarku is a junior exploration company based in Canada, focused on making substantial discoveries through the acquisition and exploration of highly prospective projects. Our current focus is on silver, gold and other base metals of high merit in Canadian and American jurisdictions rich in minerals.

The discoveries in mineral exploration are not trivial, but what sets Tarku apart from its competitors is the innovative exploration techniques of its industry-leading team in several areas. We look for geologically fertile land, not only for its historical results, but also for its little explored and / or overlooked potential.

Good exploratory projects combined with a favorable capital structure are what give Tarku, in today’s bull market, the right strategy to create value for the company and its shareholders.

Question 2: Which current project best fits this exploration approach?

Answer 2: Tarku has several projects in its portfolios. We have excellent early-stage projects in both Quebec and Arizona; however, the Silver Strike Project located in Arizona’s famous Tombstone district deserves attention. Arizona is among the 10 most attractive mining jurisdictions in the world, according to the latest report by the Fraser Institute.

The Tombstone district is one of the first silver mining areas in the western United States that produced numerous silver mines in 1877. During the 38 years of production in this area in the early 1900s, 32 million ounces of silver were produced in small manual production, with an average of 26 ounces / t Ag, from the surface to a maximum depth of 200 m. they usually chased high-grade silver veins 1 to 2 feet wide because the silver was around $ 1 / ounce at the time. Today, silver is trading at more than $ 27 / ounce. Tarku has already located several targets and we have started our 10,000-foot drilling program to test these targets.

Question 3: We note that your most recent press release has had some impressive initial results. The market did not seem to react much. Can you clarify what exactly the results showed?

Answer 3: The announced results were very good news for us!

These were the results of the first 5 holes in our 20-hole program and came back with the same high historical scores. In this drilling program, we are looking for silver-veined deposits, which are typically 1 or 2 feet wide and typically reported at an average of 800g / t Ag (26oz / t Ag) or more.

Inside hole # 004, we announced the intersection of 10.7 m with a classification of 79.8 g / t Ag, including 213.5 g / t Ag and 3.9% Mn in 3.0 m, showing the high grade potential of Lucky Cuss shaft system and showing results similar to those used to obtain previously historically.

In the other holes, we also received encouraging results showing that we intercept the structures with wide halos of low grade mineralization and specific changes showing that we are very close to the target areas. These discrepancies in values ​​can be typical of vein systems.

Question 4: for a project like Silver Strike, which result is considered good and economical?

Answer 4: In order to be considered a good project, there are many factors to take into account, but in the end, it usually comes down to volume and notes. For example, the geological environment affects metallurgy, which affects the recovery of mineralized areas. The width and depth of the zones are also important and, of course, volume and notes are the most important criteria.

There are several silver mines active in the same geological environment as Silver Strike and we also know that the zones are starting at shallow depths, which is also good. We see mine production in the US starting with reserves of 5-6 million oz Ag and with average levels of 200-250g / t Ag. As mentioned, our results show that we are starting to cross similar g / t numbers in Silver Strike.

And the beauty of the Silver Strike project is that we see other metals associated with silver. It is still early to understand its origin, but we have traces of Copper, Zinc, Lead and Gold in our large land package and these elements can potentially add a lot of value to the company’s future economic evaluation.

Question 5: can we expect more additional results soon?

Answer 5: Yes, certainly. We received 20% of the total result from our program and drilling continues as we speak. We must finish our drilling program by the end of May and have all the results within 5 to 6 hours after that. This is the first drilling program in the project in a long time. This project will require additional drilling to understand where the mineralized zones are exactly, but we are confident that this first overview or image of the project gives us enough data for the next steps.

Question 6: What are the next steps?

Answer 6: We know at that we have high grade silver veins, and with the evidence of the results of copper, lead and zinc received so far, it is making us think that what is now geologically understood is just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger porphyry system that united other base metals.

For us, it is the beginning of a program of systematic exploration of the project. We will use 2 levels of exploration simultaneously in our approach: first we will use the results of this ongoing drilling program to define where priority zones should be worked on for resource estimates and, at the same time, we need to work regionally with geophysical data and geochemical surveys to understand better the deposit model that we have in the project.

Our goal is to have a central drilling rig operating during the fall on the project. We have enough targets and areas for the platform to work non-stop, allowing us to provide news updates more often.

Question 7: Can you give us more details about the Tarku Capital Structure?

Answer 7: Tarku is currently listed on the TSX Venture under the symbol TKU and on the Frankfurt stock exchange under 7TK. We also applied to participate in the OTCBQ in the United States. Being listed in Europe and the United States will give us an excellent opportunity to expand our investor base beyond Canada.

Our capital structure is very attractive, as we now have 56 million outstanding shares that are relatively well maintained. Management holds about 10%, we have several key strategic shareholders that represent 30% of the float. These shareholders include Sir. Eric Sprott and his group whose attention was drawn to the potential for discovery in our Silver Strike Project.

About Tarku Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: TKU – FRA: 7TK)

Tarku is an exploration company focused on making new discoveries in favorable mining jurisdictions like Quebec and Arizona. In Quebec, Tarku owns 100% of “Three AThe “exploration projects (Apollo, Admiral and Atlas Projects) in the Matagami green stone belt, which have been interpreted by management as the eastern extension of the Detour Belt, and which have seen recent exploration successes by Midland Exploration Inc., Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd., Probe Metals Inc. In Arizona, in the Tombstone district, Tarku has the option to acquire 75% over 20km2 on the Silver Strike Project.

Tarku contact information:

Email: investors@tarkuresources.com
Internet network location: www.tarkuresources.com

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