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Indian hockey players have become more tech savvy and now understand the purpose of their training, which they used to follow blindly, experienced midfielder Monika said on Monday.

Monika, who was part of the Indian team that competed in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, said that Saturday mornings are the most difficult.

“It is always a red session. The red sessions are mainly high intensity training sessions, where we focus on the intensity of the game with the idea of ​​replacing the intensity of the game with small variations,” she said in a statement released by Hockey India.

“Each session is focused on speed, endurance or direction. We have about two of these sessions a week. These are the days when our fitness levels are really tested.

“Our awareness of each session, how it helps, what it is for, etc. is much better now than before. Before, we just focused blindly on what the coaches said.”

The Chandigarh player explained that the coaching staff is planning weekly training so that the team arrives at the right time.

“The focus now is to continue to improve our strengths and work on the weaknesses. Our goal is to reach the peak at the right time. Each player’s workload is taken into account and the improvement is mapped accordingly.”

It also explains how each player maintains a chart that is uploaded to Google docs, where scientific consultant Wayne Lombard monitors crucial aspects such as sleep, recovery, etc.

“Certainly, we have become more tech savvy,” says Monika.

“We keep a chart that contains details of what we do throughout the day. We need to mention details of the activity we seek for recovery, such as the number of minutes spent for massage or ice bath or swimming session etc. We also record the number of hours we sleep. .

“I think that, by doing these activities on its own, the coaching staff has also instilled much more awareness about how we should look after our bodies and remain injury free.”

With less than 75 days to go to the Tokyo Games, Monika feels that the team is in the right mindset to achieve her goal.

“We had some setbacks with some of our players with a positive result, but they are all doing well and have returned to training now. We don’t want to think about issues that are beyond our control.

“Our focus is to improve every day and be ready for the Games and the whole group is mentally prepared,” he said.

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