Judge orders probe of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office for second time – About Your Online Magazine

CHICAGO (AP) – A judge on Thursday ordered a special prosecutor to investigate the Cook County Attorney’s Office for any possible wrongdoing, months after a man was acquitted for the deaths of two Chicago police officers after nearly 40 years in prison .

Jackie Wilson he was in the middle of a third trial in October when a county prosecutor testified that he had a personal relationship with a prison informant who helped convict Wilson in a second trial in 1989.

Wilson’s last trial ended abruptly when special prosecutors said they were dropping the charges against him in the 1982 death of Officer Richard O’Brien. He received a certificate of innocence in December.

In ordering a special prosecutor, Judge Alfredo Maldonado said there was sufficient evidence that Nicholas Trutenko may have committed perjury and that other people in the state prosecutor’s office may have tried to cover him up.

A spokeswoman for State Attorney Kim Foxx said her office would be “fully cooperating”.

O’Brien and Officer William Fahey were shot during a traffic stop by Wilson’s brother Andrew. He died in prison in 2007.

Jackie Wilson was accused of being a getaway driver. He said he had no idea his brother would shoot the cops. He also said he was forced to confess due to police torture.

Paula Fonseca