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A participant was almost attacked by a dog A participant was almost attacked by a dog

The 2021 Population and Housing Census enumerators are demanding dog bite insurance and risk subsidy packages.

The enumerators also demand a daily 80¢ GH training allowance and an increase in the transportation allowance.

A petition addressed to the National Census Officer by census takers in West Akyem County in the Eastern Region stated that “transport to training should be GH¢440.00 as previously announced, instead of GH¢330.00. We should receive a training or per diem allowance of at least GH ¢ 80 per day, which will be GH ¢ 800.00 for 10 days. Permission for enumerators should be increased from GH ¢ 2,520.00 to GH ¢ 3,000.00 and GH ¢ 2,940.00 to GH ¢ 3,500.00 for supervisors, respectively. There must be a risk and insurance component added to the pay because a dog nearly attacked a participant. ”

“It’s more than amazing to sit 12 hours a day without any allowance. We would have received if we were at our respective jobs. ”

The petition concluded: “we, the interns at Asamankese High Schools 1 and 2, have decided to boycott the entire exercise.”

In a related development, data collection officials in New Juaben South County undergoing a ten-day training program that began on Monday, May 31st and ends on June 9, 2021, are also stirring about the supposed reduction of the training subsidy.

According to them, GH ¢ 550 was initially promised as a transport allowance at the end of the training, but the amount was reduced to GH ¢ 440 and subsequently GH ¢ 330.

The enumerators and supervisors are therefore dissatisfied with the variations, creating among them the suspicion that they are being replaced by some responsible for the training, therefore threatening to boycott the training and, later, to give up the entire exercise.

However, Ghana Statistical Service East Regional Director (GSS) Bright Worlanyo Neku urged field data collection officials for the 2021 population and housing census to remain calm, ensuring that no one will suffer change.

Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) Eastern Regional Director Bright Worlanyo Neku attributed the unrest to lack of communication.

He noted “Your T&T is up for grabs now, we promised to give them GH ¢ 500, but later they heard that we cut it down to GH ¢ 440 and now we’re down to GH ¢ 330, so because of those things they want to boycott the program. When did I go there, I met the facilitators, we discussed the problems, then I explained to the facilitators that this is the situation.”

He told the media that “the first thing I did was that during the opening speech, the address was sent from Accra by the Chief Executive that was read to them, in that opening speech, it was stated that they would pay them GH ¢ 440 for ten days. So where did they get that GH ¢ 50 (per day), I don’t know. It was in this document that the GH ¢ 440 was cited. But then we got another report that the GH¢440 was a mistake, so now it’s going to be GH¢30 for T&T per day. ”

A statement from the Ghana Statistical Service stated that “on the GSS side, we will provide a transport permit of GH ₵ 330. The first 30% installment will be paid after the first week of training. The second installment of 40% will be paid in the second week of training and the last installment will be paid three days after the listing starts. ”

He emphasized “interns who do not complete the training or who are selected but refuse will lose the final 30%. For interns who will ultimately be selected as Enumerators, a one-time amount of GH ¢ 2,520 will be paid for the listing and enumeration exercise. For interns who will be selected as Supervisors, their compensation will be GH¢2,940 for the listing and enumeration exercise. ”

“These amounts will be paid in installments and the details are provided for in the contracts. All payments will be made via G-Money and therefore all Interns must ensure they are registered with G-Money and provide the correct telephone number for payment.

This year’s census is the first digital Population and Housing Census in Ghana.

Field officers are therefore being trained to master the content of the manual and the use of tablets in order to be successful.

Real-time data collection and real-time data quality monitoring mechanisms to examine data daily have been synchronized to identify errors for correction.

According to the GSS, monitoring is an additional layer of supervision
added to increase the accuracy of the collected data.

The technology will also provide Management with an opportunity to monitor the movement of enumerators and supervisors, the timing and origin of interaction with servers.

The 2021 Population and Housing Census (APS) is estimated to cost the country GH¢ 521 million.

Of this amount, the government collected and disbursed GH ¢ 467 million for the beginning of the year.

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) says the 2021 census will begin nationwide from Sunday, June 27 (census night). The exercise will run until July 11, 2021.

Paula Fonseca