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FREEDOM for double jabbers, post-pandemic youth centers and long Covid were the topics raised by columnists and contributors to newspapers.

Stephen Glover asked why those who received the two vaccines shouldn’t have some freedom now.

“I can think of a respectable reason to treat the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike,” he said. “It’s just that, at least until recently, young people weren’t offered a jab, and it’s petty to discriminate against them when they’re not to blame.”

He said it was much better to group them all together and avoid envious distinctions.

“In September, all adults should have been given two jabs,” he added. “So I believe that all objections will soon disappear, and it will be entirely reasonable to favor those who were vaccinated twice over those who received a vaccine and refused to accept it.”

He said that Covid will be around for a long time and that we will have to learn to live with it.

“It’s hard to see how life can get back to something close to normal without us accepting some kind of passport from Covid.”

The Daily Express

Mims Davies, minister of labor, said young people had suffered severely from the pandemic, not only because of educational disruption and unemployment, but also because of a lack of interaction with their peers.

“That’s why I’m announcing the launch of more than 110 Youth Centers in communities across the country, in an additional push to level up,” she said. “From Dundee to Swansea, DWP Youth Work Coaches based at these new centers are helping young jobseekers access local training and work opportunities.”

She said that youth are at the heart of her Employment Plan and are crucial to our recovery as we seek to rebuild better.

“It is still a challenging time and uncertainties remain. But day by day, blow for blow and job for job, we are fighting us and our young people and their opportunities are front and center of it.”

The Guardian

Paul Garner, professor of infectious disease research at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, suffered from long Covid.

“Fortunately, my experience with Covid for a long time didn’t include organ damage – although I feared that from the start. Instead, I had a post-viral syndrome with profound exhaustion,” he said.

“It’s a new term and it’s a mix of conditions that doctors are still trying to fully understand.

“Long Covid is horrible. It’s real. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It’s also different for everyone, and one person’s recovery story doesn’t apply to everyone. But there are stories of people getting better. ”

Paula Fonseca