Mantashe refutes allegations of denying private energy producers to make electricity – SABC News – About Your Online Magazine

Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe vehemently denied that he is dragging his feet to allow private producers to generate more energy and thereby ease pressure from Eskom.

The utility is expected to continue with Stage 3 load reduction for the rest of the week.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a Partial liberalization of the energy sector on Thursday, lifting the government’s limit on self-generation of energy from 1 megawatt to 100 megawatts.

Mantashe was accused of trying to protect Eskom’s virtual monopoly on power generation at the expense of the South African economy.

Mantashe says that achieving energy security is one of the main economic interventions in the recovery and reconstruction plan, but admits that he is way behind.

“I am interested in Eskom’s recovery, developing its capacity and doing well. Now, when you run entities, you must have rules and there will be chaos if you break those rules. That’s why we had a long engagement(s). ”

“When the president twisted my arm, I had to admit, because you’re a minister, people who have ideas must put them in before you and your team come to a particular determination,” says Mantashe.

Mantashe was talking in the SABC’s The Watchdog program hosted by Vuyo Mvoko:

Paula Fonseca