Perak Youth Assembly rep steps in to help Ipoh lawyer whose vaccination jab was set 280km from home – About Your Online Magazine

IPOH: A local lawyer was stunned when he was told on the MySejahtera app that his Covid-19 vaccine was fixed in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan – 280 km away.

Cheang Lek Choy, born and raised in Ipoh, said the first dose was scheduled for May 5 but had to resign because of the distance.

After more than a week of trying to reschedule his vaccination appointment closer to home, Cheang finally got help from Malim Nawar’s representative, Wong Chin Ho.

“I told the authorities my situation, gave them my details and hoped they could arrange for me to jab here,” he said on Wednesday (May 19).

“I also went to the Indera Mulia Stadium (vaccination station), but the doctors there told me they couldn’t help,” he said, adding that messages to MySejahtera’s HelpDesk and calls to the vaccination line were useless.

“The information (about the location of the vaccination) remained unchanged and I even received a notice that I missed my first injection,” he added.

Cheang finally posted about his situation on Facebook on Monday and received a message from Wong the next day, saying he could help.

“He told me that he had spoken to the state director of health and that he could help me get the injection here.

“I gave him my details and later received a notice on the MySejahtera app that my vaccination appointment was scheduled for Friday (May 21),” he said, adding that he was grateful for the help.

Cheang said he believes there is something wrong with Covid-19’s vaccination record system.

“I don’t believe I’m the only one facing this problem. Not everyone can persistently complain and get help,” he said.

Wong said he contacted the state health director after reading about Cheang’s problem to see if it could be resolved.

“I didn’t want to alert him (Cheang) at first, hoping to settle with the Ministry of Health.

“The director said they needed his information and that’s when I contacted him to get it,” he added.

Paula Fonseca