Shadow Minister Toby Perkins meets next generation of Sheffield Hallam University degree apprentices – About Your Online Magazine

Toby Perkins MP, Shadow Minister for Learning, Skills and Lifelong Learning spoke to graduate apprentices at Sheffield Hallam University as part of a virtual tour.

Toby Perkins heard about how Sheffield Hallam was one of the first degree providers and how the University now offers one of the most diverse selections of courses in the UK, with over 1,500 apprentices across 400 employers.

Rep. Chesterfield and Staveley also heard how the University values ​​undergraduate internships as an important vehicle for increasing social mobility, providing people of all ages – including many young people who otherwise would not have gone to university – access and the opportunity to prosper and develop your confidence while contributing to the community, economy and society.

He participated in an interactive question-and-answer session with current apprentices and employers, who spoke about how undergraduate internships have helped them thrive, increasing career prospects and productivity.

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As part of the visit, Toby also spoke to senior leaders of the University’s Directorate of Business Engagement, Skills and Employability about the ways in which Sheffield Hallam’s undergraduate internship portfolio benefits apprentices, businesses and the economy.

Tanitia Moore, Digital Solutions and Technology Apprentice at Peak Indicators said: “I think an underrated part of this training method is the network side of things – I had the opportunity to meet a lot of very qualified people in this area of ​​work. allowed me to expand my network of contacts for the future.

“Also, I really enjoyed working alongside my experienced colleagues to understand the different areas of the business. I’m glad that parliamentarians are looking at this learning path in more detail.”

Toby Perkins MP, Shadow Minister for Learning, Skills and Lifelong Learning said: “It was wonderful to visit Sheffield Hallam virtually and find out more about their graduate level apprenticeship program with apprentices, employers and staff at Sheffield Hallam.

“My mother used to teach at Hallam so I always enjoy my visits there and I know that many Chesterfield students end up studying there so it is a crucial partner for Chesterfield and our business.

“Internships are an ideal opportunity for young people and adults to advance their careers, earning while they learn, and the Workforce is committed to providing more learning opportunities for young people.”

Conor Moss, group director and dean of work-based learning at Sheffield Hallam said: “We were delighted to meet Toby Perkins today and introduce him to some of our amazing apprentices and show him why Sheffield Hallam is a top supplier of higher education and undergraduate internships.

“We want to play a leading role in changing perceptions of HDAs for the better by sharing our experience so that we can help improve understanding of how undergraduate internships work, enabling more employers and workers to benefit from the opportunities they offer.

“We know that undergraduate internships play a key role in building a more productive and skilled workforce and a level economy with opportunities for all. We work with regional and national employers to support staff qualification and attract new and diverse talent. ”

Paula Fonseca