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The victim also reported money, two phone chargers and a prescription bottle as...
The victim also reported the theft of money, two phone chargers and a bottle of prescription medicine.(Greene County Sheriff’s Office)

In this week’s Catch a Crook, lawmakers are trying to identify a woman who used stolen credit cards to purchase items at various gas stations in Greene County. The victim reported that her purse had been stolen on May 6 from her vehicle in the garage. The thief also took some phone chargers, some money and a bottle of medicine.

The initial crime took place on May 6, 2021.
The initial crime took place on May 6, 2021.(Greene County Sheriff’s Office)

The crime took place at the Lakewood Village apartments near South Campbell Avenue and West Lakewood Street. The neighborhood is south of the James River Freeway and east of The Library Center. Security video shows a woman using the victim’s stolen credit cards at three Kum & Go gas stations and a Phillips 66 in Springfield.

Greene County deputies are looking for a vehicle and say a man may also be connected to the ...
Greene County deputies are looking for a vehicle and say a man could also be linked to the robberies.(Greene County Sheriff’s Office)

Surveillance cameras also captured the suspect’s vehicle. Greene County Rep. Jason Winston describes it as a new model silver 4-door sedan. Security video shows a man sitting in the passenger seat.

Courtesy: Greene County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy: Greene County Sheriff’s Office(Greene County Sheriff’s Office)

If you recognize the woman or have any information, call the Greene County Tip Line at 417-829-6230.

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