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Frank lampard jokingly took credit for mason mountgood performance in England 1-0 victory over Croatia at the Euro 2020 on Sunday, by praising his former player.

Lampard coached Mount while the Chelsea midfielder was on loan at Derby in 2018/19, then oversaw the 22-year-old at Stamford Bridge in charge from July 2019 until January this year.

Mount, who followed in the footsteps of Chelsea legend Lampard in the Blues midfield, impressed on sunday like England kicked off their Euro 2020 campaign with a victory over Croatia at Wembley Stadium.

And when asked by fellow BBC analyst Rio Ferdinand whether Mount’s “versatile” game was something innate or taught, Lampard joked: “I taught him! When he came to Derby, he couldn’t do anything! “

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More seriously, Lampard said: “He has intelligence. He knows the right races, he has the work ethic. He’ll run all day and give it all.

“That’s why, when you’re playing in midfield, he has to play for this team.

“He’s the best offensive midfielder in terms of pressing and jumping out of midfield to get the ball back.”

Mount was then interviewed at Wembley camp and briefed on the comments of his former coach, to which the 22-year-old replied, “Thank you to him!”

Lampard later gave Mount more praise, saying, “That’s why we love Mason, because he fills all the boxes.

“He speaks well, he is humble.”

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