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San Francisco (CBS SF/AP) – A San Francisco tech company that stumbled earlier this week caused an Internet outage on many of the world’s top sites due to a software bug that was triggered when a customer changed settings. I blamed the problem.

Fastly’s problem meant that Internet users were unable to connect to hosts on popular sites such as The New York Times, Guardian, Twitch, Reddit and the UK government homepage on Tuesday morning.

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Nick Rockwell, Fastly’s senior vice president of engineering and infrastructure, said in a blog post on Tuesday: “A global outage due to an undiscovered software bug caused by a client configuration change as of the 8th of June. Occurred. “

He said the outage was “widespread and serious,” but the company quickly identified the problem, isolated and disabled it, and 49 minutes later, most of the network was up and running again. The bug was included in a software update released in May, and Rockwell said he was trying to figure out why the bug wasn’t detected during testing.

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“Even if there were certain conditions that caused this outage, we should have waited,” Rockwell said.

It readily provides a so-called content delivery network. This is a mechanism that allows a customer’s website to store data such as images and videos on multiple mirror servers in 26 countries. Bringing the data closer to the user means the data will be displayed faster.

But the incident highlights how much of the global Internet relies on some behind-the-scenes companies like Fastly to provide critical infrastructure, and how vulnerable it is to more serious turmoil. Concerns magnified about.

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